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    Movie plot

    دوای ڕوداوەکانی بەشی یەکەمی تگزاس ، ساسان (سام درخشان) لەگەڵ بەھرام (پژمان جمشیدی) و ئالیس ( گابریلا پتری) دەگەڕێنەوە ئێران لە ئێران چەند ڕوداویان بۆ دێتە پێش...

    Sasan and Bahram are back to Iran and Alice is with them too. Babak's father and Sasan's mother come to airport to take them home but they don't know that they are married. Meanwhile Bahram takes the wrong suitcase which lead them to confront with a gang and enter them in new adventures. Written by Ibrahim

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