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Movie plot

کۆمپانیایەکی دروستکردنی بەنداو، لەبری ئەوەی ئاوی سوێر ئاراستەی بیابانەکە بکەن بەھەڵە ڕوو لە کێڵگەی دێی عەدلئاباد دەکات بۆ ئەم مەبەستەش خەڵکی گوندەکە بڕیار دەدەن بە تراکتۆر بڕۆن بۆ تاران بۆ سکاڵاکردن....

The story of a group of farmers who their lands and crops have been destroyed by a mistake of a governmental company. Now after not finding any response from the government they decide to go with their tractors from their village to Tehran to meet the president himself and hand him their complain. Written by Ibrahim

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