Hich Koja Hich Kas – هیچ کوێ هیچ کەس

Hich Koja Hich Kas – هیچ کوێ هیچ کەس

هیچ کوێ هیچ کەس

93 min

Country: Iran

Director: Ebrahim Sheibani

Actors: Afsaneh Chehreh AzadArezu AfariBabak KarimiBahareh Kian AfsharFarid EskandariMahnaz AfsharMohammad Reza ForutanReza KianianRoshanak GeramiSaber Abar

Genres: Crime, Drama, mystery

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    Movie plot

    داود و یەڵدا یەکدیان خۆشدەوێت دەیانەوێت هاوسەرگیری بکەن بەڵام باوکی یەڵدا بەبیانوی بێکاری داود ڕازی نابێت بۆیە بڕیاڕ دەدرن کە بە نھێنی ھاوسەرگیری بکەن...

    When a down-and-out couple, Mehran and Marjan, plan the audacious robbery of a jewellery store, it seems like it will be an easy score. That is, until they involve their friends Davood and Yalda. Davood is completely penniless, having married Yalda in secret, and together they hope to raise enough money to flee the country and escape her disapproving father. But a larger crew means a smaller share, and the friends soon find themselves divided by greed and betrayal. As the situation escalates, the would-be robbers find themselves in more danger than they ever anticipated, where the greatest threat could be the very people they trust the most. Written by IMVBox.com

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