ماحی – Mohey

ماحی – Mohey


93 min

Country: Iran

Director: Davood Khayyam

Actors: Anahita Ne'matiEhsan AmaniHoda NourizadehHomayoun ErshadiMehran AhmadiSepideh Alaei

Genres: Drama, mystery

3.84/ 5 14 votes
    Movie plot

    ئەم فیلمە لە ڕوداوێکی ڕاستیەوە وەرگیراوە چیرۆکی کچێکە بەناوی ماحی کە لەهەتیوخانە لەخوشکە دوانەکەی جیادەکرێتەوەو دەکەوێتە داوی چەند کەسانێکەوە کە بۆ کاری نایاسایی بەکاری دەهێنن لەبیرو هۆش جوانیەکەی بۆ بەرەوپێش چونی خۆیان سودی لێوەردەگرن کاتێک ناچاری دەکەن بۆ مامەڵەیەکی نایاسایی هاوسەرگیری بکات....

    Director Davood Khayyam uses events that resulted from the PIP implant scandal as inspiration for his cautionary tale. Plucked from an orphanage as a young girl, Mohey is not living the life she hoped for. Separated from her twin sister and abused by her benefactor, she has become ensnared in a life of underhand dealings and illegal trading, where her intellect and beauty are used as commodities. When Mohey is coerced into a temporary marriage to secure a deal, she reluctantly agrees, determined that her cut will finally buy her freedom. However, the underworld is not ready to let her go. Written by IMVBox.com

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