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مەلی بۆ ئەوەی لەو کۆت و بەندە خانەوادەکەی ڕزگاری ببێت کە بۆیان داناوە، پەنا دەباتە بەر "سیامەک"و عاشقی دەبێت و هاوسەرگیری لەگەڵ دەکات، بەڵام داخۆ مەلی ئەو ژیانە بەدەست دەهێنێت کە چاوەڕێی دەکرد؟ ئایا سیامەک ئەو پیاوەیە کە مەلی دەیویست؟ لە دوای هاوسەرگیری مەلی وەڵامی ئەم پرسیارانەی دەست دەکەوێت...

Mali, a young girl, meets Sia and starts a secret relationship with him. Soon Mali's traditional family find out about their relationship. According to the cultural rules, the only way she can continue her relationship with Sia, is for them to get married. Despite disapproval of Mali's family, it happens very quickly. Sia, incapable of managing his new life, starts practicing his father's methods with using physical violence on Mali. Now Mali, with destructed self-confidence and personality and losing her family's support, becomes more and more depressed as each day goes by. Written by Anonymous